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We equip you with the social, style and etiquette skills you need to thrive in social situations, professional environments and the worlds of modeling and pageants!

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PTT Prepare

Prepare for Anything

Not just for pageant contestants! It seems so obvious. Yet we don't do it routinely. Preparation. Here are 5 tips to do everyday so you can focus, relax and succeed! TIPS: Make a list. Every Sunday, make a list of what you want to get done professionally and personally that week. … [Read More...]

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Why Do YOU Want to Win?

An Instagram reader recently asked how to answer this question.    This, and questions like it, stump more pageant contestants in the interview than current event questions. Well, most of the time. The same thing can be said of job candidates when asked, why do you want this job.If you can’t … [Read More...]

Robin Jones Gifford, Confidence, Manners, Communication, Professional Coaching

Stay Connected

If you want to receive this information and more via your inbox, please subscribe in the box to your left!   There's a lot of change happening at Springboard!    New studio. New newsletter. New booking … [Read More...]

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First Pitch!

Springboard girl, Katelyn Hansen, throws out the first pitch at the Lincoln Saltdogs game. Katelyn is the 2014 National American Miss Nebraska Jr. Preteen. … [Read More...]

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Manners Monday!

Working with women of all ages, I have found that nothing boasts confidence and enhances a life more than living a mannerly life. Remember, it's about kindness not formality and relationships not rules. Have a mannerly Monday! … [Read More...]

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