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Success Strategies: Lessons from the Pageant Stage

Many of you are hard at work, getting ready for National American Miss. The rest of you are not pageant-focused in any way, shape or form. But stick with me for a moment. There are many important lessons to learn from pageantry. Below are my top five lessons for success that anyone can learn from … [Read More...]

Full Skirts, Fashion 2014

How to wear a full skirt.

Full skirts are all the rage for Spring and Fall 2014. But there are three rules to follow to make them look chic and not matronly. Proportion is everything. Full skirts, short or long, demand a more fitted top. Whether you tuck, crop, belt or let it skim your bum, make it fitted. Wearing a … [Read More...]

Transition wardrobe, Fashion, Fashion over 40, Preppy, denim, Tory Burch

Add a little Spring into your Winter Wardrobe

Do you find yourself getting ready in the morning and thinking, I am soooo tired of these sweaters?! Below, I've given you seven pieces to help you get over the hump and spring into, well, Spring! These pieces work whether you are 18 or 48. You may have to adjust the cut, but the style is … [Read More...]

Ralph Lauren, F/W 2014, Model, Runway, Collections

Off the RUNWAY

There is something for every age at Ralph Lauren... And for the young {at heart}, there's more at POLO! See the entire collections here and here. … [Read More...]

Valentine's Day,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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